Air Force early-out offer at Georgia base attracts some 400 takers


About 400 civilian employees will be leaving Robins Air Force Base in the latest of  a series of early-out offers, according to a news release today. The package, unveiled last month, combined an early retirement option with a buyout worth up to $25,000. The 403 workers at the Georgia installation who ultimately accepted must be off the payroll by the end of next month.

The base, an Air Force logistics hub about 100 miles from Atlanta, employs some 15,000 civilians, spokesman David Donato said in a phone interview. This early-out round is the fourth since 2011; a total of 680 employees took advantage of the other three. No more are planned “at this time,” Donato said.

The reason for the latest downsizing “was to better align the complex workforce with the incoming workload,” Stacy Wood, a human resource specialist, said in the release. “As our workload has decreased, the workforce needed to be shaped so it’s the right size to match the workload.”  The across-the-board budget cuts known as the sequester were not a factor, he added.


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  1. Boy, I sure wish my base was offering VERA/VSIP. I’d be gone in a NY second. The prospect of waiting another 4 years to meet my regular retirement eligibility is depressing.

  2. Bases in AL, LA and FL to come. Furloughs awith a 20% cutswill hit anyones average HIGH 5’s. No need to wait for VERA/VISA. A 25K bonus will not offset the loss.

  3. Careful there, Grumpy, the IRS will get about 1/3 of you buyout money so it is not as sweet a deal as it appears.
    And then you will not be able to go into the office every morning, Mon thru Fri. Good luck, TMK-B

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