As sequestration looms, OMB tells agencies to detail plans for furloughs, contract cuts


With the automatic budget cuts known as sequestration set to begin Friday, the Office of Management and Budget posted new planning instructions to agencies this evening. The bottom line: It’s time to get specific.

Agencies should detail the number of employees who will be furloughed, for how long and when furlough notices will be issued, OMB Controller Danny Werfel wrote. Agencies should also spell out any major contracts they plan to cancel, re-scope or delay. Ditto for grants. Federal Times will have more on this subject tomorrow, but in the meantime, you can read Werfel’s memo here.


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  1. On the days you are put of furlough you are placed in a Leave Without Pat status for that day. When you reach 80 hours Leave Without Pay you can no longer collect annual or sick leave. True or False

  2. On the days you are put on furlough you are placed in a Leave Without Pay status for that day. When you reach 80 hours Leave Without Pay you can no longer collect annual or sick leave. True or False

  3. True and False. If employee is in nonpay status for an entire pay period, no annual or sick leave is earned for that pay period. However if nonpay time occurs during part of one or more of a full-time employee’s pay periods, the employee continues to earn leave until the nonpay time totals 80 hours. Then leave is reduced by the amount the employee earns during a pay period.

  4. True. But it’s not fair since this is something we cannot control, I think we shoud still get the leave accruals when 80 hours of LWOP is reached due to the furlough.

  5. Replying to Chan,
    At least there are ways to minimize this, if you’re careful to not have LWOP on both sides of a holiday, lest you lose holiday pay as well and by the way, that loss of holiday pay does not, I repeat, NOT count as one of your required furlough days.

    In my case, I will take a 9 day vacation starting on Sat 29 Jun and ending on Sun 7 Jul. My two days of LWOP will be scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, 1 and 2 Jul, with AL on 3/5 July and the holiday on the 4th. Thus, for a total of 9 days, I wil only use two days of AL.

  6. james Pelkofski on

    thought you might like this-my son sent it to me>

    Twas the Night Before Sequestration

    Twas the night before sequestration,
    when all through the House
    not a Representative was stirring, each scurried like a mouse.

    Airline reservations the staffers made with care,
    to ensure at home for a long weekend the congressmen would be there.

    Government workers were lying awake in their beds,
    while visions of foreclosures tortured their heads.

    And Obama on his pulpit, made clear in this game,
    The Republicans, not he, deserved all the blame.

    No national uproar over this punitive program yet raised enough clatter,
    much of the country seems unaware anything is the matter.
    Away each congressmen flew like flash,
    leaving a weak economy to turn into ash.

    Pragmatic recommendations they long left out in the snow
    ignoring sensible ideas from the commission Simpson-Bowles,
    when, what to our weary eyes should appear,
    but a House led by Republicans with only partisan ideas.

    With a tired old Speaker, so lacking in candor.
    I knew in a moment it must be John Boehner.

    More counterproductive by the day
    his actions became,
    not leading but lead by
    these obstinate partisans by name:

    Now, Daines! Now, Denham!
    Now, Paulsen and Webster!
    On, Cantor! On, Collins!
    On, Duncan and Bachman!
    To the edge of the cliff!
    Then over lets fall!
    First recession, then depression!
    For one and for all!

    As scant gains leave an economy barely growing at all
    and effects of sequestration start to fly,
    republicans offer not compromise but obstacle,
    so unintended consequences mount to the sky,
    taking $85 billion off the top
    without any revenue anew,
    just damaging across-the-board cuts,
    And John Boehner too.

    And then, in a twinkling,
    vital services go poof
    fewer meat inspections
    of each little hoof.

    As sequestration turns the economy upside down,
    insecurity, service interruptions, job losses abound.

    With government workers getting furloughed or the boot,
    We’ll have parks without rangers reduced to ashes and soot.
    Citizens accustomed to services will be taken aback,
    Long lines at the airport—why travel, just unpack.

    This poultry—how unhealthy! These children, how merry!
    Without Head Start or education, their blissful ignorance so very!
    A porous border we hand al Qaeda with a bow,
    how easy we’ll make it for them to deliver a blow.
    A military once so mighty, armed to the teeth,
    becomes hollow, unready; rivals ascend and we fall beneath.
    Families without food to fill each little belly,
    What many might do for just a bowl full of jelly.

    Congress remains chubby and plump, a club of a right jolly old elves,
    we laugh in lieu of crying, in spite of ourselves.
    A wink of their eye and a twist of their head
    leaves us only to fear we have everything to dread.

    Boehner’s words speak of revenue raising as no longer part of his work,
    we can’t possibly tax the rich he claims like a jerk.

    And laying a finger inside of their nose,
    republicans flick snot at public calls for a balanced approach.

    Having sealed a program so damaging, to his Republicans gave a whistle,
    America’s tombstone epitaph they yet may chistle.

    But we heard Boehner exclaim,
    Ere he went out of sight,
    Sequestration to all, on to the next fight!!


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