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  1. Shelby Scott on

    I think its ludicrous that they did not notify us that our info, including SSN’s from the TSP accounts, were hacked almost a year ago. The possible damage to the account holders could be sustantial.

  2. got the letter and the application for the ID theft issue, talked to savings program, wait for hot line and retirement plane over 40 min each time I tried. Very upset, why the time wait from when happened, when they found out, what triggered this, is my pension in jeopardy also ( someone could move the direct deposit etc), note I worked many years on social security also, but I was denied my soocial security due to Reagan’s new law and receive about $185 a month only on social security, I am very upset and am lossing faith in the govt. as I served in the military, worked over 30 years, did all the “right” things saving, planning, etc. Now this – what exactly should we do ? One year of ID theft? Is this the answer? Why was this system contracted to a 3rd party.?

  3. why is Serco (a British company) using FBI as their security detection?

    why did Serco wait a month after they were informed by the FBI?

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