Republicans should 'man-up and shut the government down,' former OMB director says


In an interview with CNN, David Stockman, former Office of Management and Budget director in the Reagan Administration, was asked if he thinks congressional leaders will forgo a budget deal and allow a government shutdown to happen this week. And if a shutdown does happen, what would it accomplish? 

Stockman’s response:

“The Republicans need to man-up and shut the government down.  They have been bloviating for 30 years about cutting spending and have done almost nothing.”

He went on to say:

“And the government needs a shut-down crisis because both parties are dream walking. Sadly enough, we actually need a violent spasm in the financial markets to wake-up the politicians if we are to have any hope of confronting the colossal fiscal threat facing the nation.”


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  1. Its very sad it has come to this. Unfortunately it will happen again in 2012 with the Rep/Dem war continuing until the election. If ever a case for term limits has been made, this is it. Two terms for the senate and 4 terms for congress should be enacted immediately. Our politicians no longer work or represent their constituents. The proof is staring us in the face with the disgusting conduct of our elected officials in this era of greed. A shutdown will accomplish nothing unless our leaders “man up” and choose the path of honesty and integrity. Fat chance with this current bunch.

  2. The politicians who are the most culpable are the Senators and Representatives that have held office the longest. They voted themselves pay raises, have their own retirement, and health care. Someone tell me please how this is service to our country! Now I hear that they may tap into CSRS and G fund retirment money if congress does not raise the dept limit. Awesome!

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