Congratulations Nancy Fichtner!


Congratulations to Nancy Fichtner, a Veterans Affairs Department employee from Colorado, for winning the first ever SAVE (Securing Americans Value and Efficiency) Award contest.

Her money saving idea: Allow veterans to take home the medications they use while at the hospital, instead of tossing the prescriptions in the trash when veterans are discharged. The idea would not only save the government money, but veterans too.

Fichtner’s idea beat out 38,000  other ideas submitted by fellow federal employees in the contest designed to harness the experience of frontline employees to save the government money. Her idea was one of four finalists selected by OMB staff and put to a public vote earlier this week.

Fichtner will jet off to Washington to  present her idea directly to President Barack Obama on Dec. 21. The cost-cutting plan will be included in the fiscal 2011 budget.


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  1. Not to take away from this suggestion makes sense to give the soilders the medication rather then throw it away But out of 38,000 that is the best? I had veiwed many that would save millions possibly billions of dollars so what gives here.

  2. @LC – perhaps it was selected because it not only saves the government money, but also our veterans. I can get behind that. And, hopefully, more of these ideas will be implemented. All four finalists had great cost-saving ideas.

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