EXCLUSIVE: Federal Times' interactive NSPS chart now online


Federal Times has just released our first online National Security Personnel System chart. We’ve created an exclusive, interactive program to let you, the reader, conduct the same kind of analyses we used as the basis for our June 8 cover story, Race still a factor in DoD pay raises.

You can drill down to any combination of demographic criteria to find the average rating, pay raise, bonus and total payout for different groups. Wondering how male Asian employees under 40 years of age fared under NSPS? How about Hispanic Army employees in Oklahoma? Pick and choose and our program will crunch the numbers for you. Our Web producer, Scotty Loewen, has designed a “scatter plot” graphic to show how raises and bonuses were distributed by race. And we’ve also programmed it to find average ratings and payouts handed out in January 2008, so you can see how different groups fared from year to year.

So dig in, and if you uncover any interesting patterns or comparisons about how NSPS is affecting members of different groups, be sure to let us know what you find.


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  1. It would be interesting to have the data by pay band as well as educational level to see if there is a correlation between rating and pay band or rating and educational level. Or which groups are in which pay bands.

  2. I agree with Fonz. Pay band, education level and professional series may have something to do with it. However, based on the interactive chart, whites are TWICE as likely be rated as a 5 compare to blacks; 78% more likely compare to Asians; 50% more likely compare to Hispanics. Another interesting note is that Asians received the lowest payout percentage REGARDLESS of ratings. Blacks are also 2.4 times more likely to receive a 1 as compare to Whites.

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