Tensions high after masked men threaten Bureau of Land Management workers


Things are getting scary out west for federal workers.

On May 6 on Interstate 15 in Utah a pair of masked men in a pickup truck rode up beside a Bureau of Land Management car and, brandishing a gun and holding a note reading “you need to die” before driving off. The license plate was covered with duct tape and law enforcement has yet to locate the vehicle or the suspects.

Jeff Krauss, spokesman for BLM, said the agency is looking into the matter with the help of law enforcement.

“Threats against BLM employees will not be tolerated.  We are pursuing this matter with local law enforcement.”

The incident, first reported by the Salt Lake Tribune, is one of several recent incidents where armed men have confronted federal workers and comes at a time when tensions are rising. Over the last few weeks BLM halted operations to remove the cattle of rancer Cliven Bundy, who owes more than $1 million in grazing fees and some protesters have begun driving ATVs onto federal lands to protest what they see as strict usage laws.


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