10 ways to tell you have been a federal employee too long


So lets have a little bit of fun today. It seems that every group, school and town is getting a list, so lets add federal employees to those groups! Feel free to add your own at the bottom of the blog.

1. When people shout “high five!” and your first thought is “over my dead body.

2. Jan. 1 doesn’t even hold a candle to Oct. 1. Its the cleanest slate you can imagine.

3. You give your children 180 days to respond to a new rule you are proposing. Corollary: You refer to your family as “stakeholders.”

4. You groan audibly when anyone starts an argument with the phrase “The government is like a household…”

5. Your position was eliminated months ago but you are still working at the office.

6. They don’t make service pins in denominations high enough to represent your years of service.

7. You remember the first push for more telework, and the second, and the third and the fourth …

8. Every year you write a Sammie speech you never get a chance to read.

9. You actually used to know a GS-3.

10. You brag about how many agencies you are older than. Although every fed gets one…


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  1. You worked for many years where they had GS-1s and had to fight management tooth and nail to get them upgraded.

  2. 9. You WERE a GS-3, after you started as a GS 2!

    11. You took your first oath of office when Gerald Ford was President.

    12. You were there before desktop computers, fax machines… (Lord I feel ancient now.)

  3. Robert Falls on

    By the current comments: When you go to work each day to give your all for the job. That job being to support, defend and uphold the US Constitution and do the best job you can at your work. I wish Congress could do that and all of the Branches of the Federal Government and not just myself and the many others that do as I do each workday.

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