Tired of watching the Redskins lose? Check out OPM's updated bad weather policy.


Attention, Washington, D.C.-area feds: With the scene outside looking a lot more frightful than delightful Sunday afternoon, what better time to tear yourself away from the Redskins debacle and get back up to speed on dismissal and closure policies in case of bad weather or other emergencies. Last week, the Office of Personnel Management held a webinar (see above) on the subject and here’s a memo from OPM Director Katherine Archuleta: http://tinyurl.com/my7wjkf. For those who really want to go hard-core, this is the link to OPM’s updated 35-page manual on the subject: http://tinyurl.com/lslzns9.

It’s still too early to say what’s in store for tomorrow, but in a Tweet late Sunday evening, OPM officials said they will announce the operating status for D.C.-area offices by 4 a.m. Monday. As soon as we at FedLine hear something, we’ll let you know.

[This post has been updated as of 11:27 Sunday evening.]


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