OPM administering new benefits survey


The Office of Personnel Management is again asking feds what they think of their benefits, according a recently posted memo on the agency’s web site.

OPM will be administering the Federal Employee Benefits Survey this summer by email to a random sample of workers, acting OPM Director Elaine Kaplan said in the Aug. 13 heads-up.  The survey was last done two years ago after traditional benefits questions were dropped in 2010 from the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey. Completing the benefits survey should take about 15 minutes and doing it during work hours is OK, Kaplan indicated.

The survey’s chief purpose is to measure benefits’ “importance, adequacy and value” to make sure that they mesh with employee needs and best practices, Kaplan wrote. The results will be reported government-wide and used for policy and educational purposes.



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  1. Clearly the federal government is missing the mark when it comes to offering employee benefits. I’ve been with the federal government for almost 20 years now. There is a clear difference between the types of benefits young people think are important vs what the older employees think are important to them. The federal government offers benefits as a “One size fits All” and that is where they are failing. The younger generation doesn’t use health insurance like the older generation. There should be more options offered for both generations such as lower premiums for the younger generation who are mostly healthy vs the older generation who goes to the doctor more often and needs better coverage that won’t drain them of their life savings. I just think the federal government can do a better job in offering benefits that make sense.

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