AP: Defense Department likely to cut number of furlough days


The Defense Department could cut as many as five furlough days from the 11 currently planned by the end of the fiscal year in September, according to an Associated Press report. The report, which cites only anonymous sources, says that Pentagon officials are looking at trimming the total number of unpaid days off to somewhere between six and eight. Hold your breath, though–no announcement is planned this week, according to the AP.

At present, about 650,000 DoD civilian employees are generally losing one day per week to the furloughs that began early this month; as Defense News is reporting, the furloughs–imposed as part of the Pentagon’s strategy for dealing with sequester-related budget cuts–are turning even routine business into a hassle. Meanwhile, DoD employees are flooding the Merit Systems Protection Board with thousands of appeals.

While Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has said for months that department officials hope to trim the total number of furlough days, the AP story suggests that they may actually be preparing to do so.


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  1. I’ll believe this when and if this actually happens. In the meantime, I am continuing to cut spending down to bare essentials only, fully expecting our completely dysfunctional congress to not so much as be able to agree on a CR by 01 Oct, thus, once again forcing furloughs.
    When the FY14 budget or CR is finally enacted, it will once again be subject to sequestration wherein once again, the bulk of DoD employees will be furloughed.
    I’m expecting to be furloughed from 01 to 04 Oct, which is enough time for all the idiots in congress to bray about their respective plans for the budget and other items and a CR will ultimately result that weekend, allowing us to return to work on 7 Oct.

    Thereafter, I expect another 22 days of furlough, likely to be mandated as taking one day per pay period until the 22 days are taken.

  2. Make your vote count, when casting your vote in future elections, DO NOT select incumbent , it’s time to boot these no productive legislators out of office, ask them if they are willing to take a 20% reduction in pay like many Americans are suffering from furloughs, VOTE OUT INCUMBENTS….they get raises…we get furloughs….that’s just wrong… time for responsible legislators…

  3. I’ll believe it when I see it in my pathetic paycheck I am now receiving. A 20% cut in pay is a lot when you are a sole provider for your family due to the fact that your spouse has an illness and is not able to collect disability. For the past several years we never received raises and now they furlough us. I know that I will vote in the next election and anyone who is currently serving in office will not get my vote. In fact, this is the general consensus with all the other DOD civilian employees I work with on a daily basis.

  4. There will be no furloughs after 2013 in the DOD. Next big thing is layoff’s. That way they can save money and you are their puppet, they will call you back right before the elections to vote for them and then you get gone again. Listen to the Sec of Defense, he said this last week on the east coast trip that the layoff’s are going to happen unless congress gets rid of the sequester. Vote them out!!!

  5. Why don’t all the primadonnas in DC have to take a 20% pay cut? Are they not part of the Federal work force. Also set term limits and make them use the same health care we have to use.

  6. I always hear the democrat’s talking points blaming congress for everything when discussing the negative effects of sequestration, once again reminding me of how dishonest these talking points are. The truth is that sequestration was caused by the lack of leadership. The administration appointed the “Super Committee,” its membership ideologically opposed and destined to fail. No budget cutting agreements were made in the time allowed so the trigger laws went into effect. The administration washes its hands of all responsibility.

    Here I am a federal employee paying my “fair share” while watching the armed forces get decimated. With the increased taxes at the beginning of the year (did you already forget about that?) my income is down by 35%. Maybe I’ll be paying my real “fair share” after I am RIFed in FY14.

    I suggest you deal with the facts and the root cause of all of this and pin the tail on the donkey the next time you vote.

  7. The government has already failed to comply with their end of an actual and implied contract between employee and employer for specified hours and annual salary, as indicated on personnel action documentation. Whatever happens, the government has already demonstrated they can and will do anything they want to do, regardless of their obligations.

  8. Vote them all out of office demo-craps and republic-cons. Impeach Obama, fire Holder. Send the entire cabinet, Joe and Hill Rod Clinton cunt to Cuba let them mess up Fidel Castro government. Introduce Castro-care. Furlough Cuba civil servants.

  9. Term limits when pigs fly the hippies of the 60’s are in charge! See what free love and flower children can do

  10. Congress is a joke! Just like my paycheck. No pay raises, can’t even keep up with inflation and now a 20% pay cut. I voted for Obama, he can use Executive Order to get us through this crap. He too is starting to look like a joke…

  11. Instead of grousing here on line in the comments section, why don’t you government employees hit the streets on your furlough days and march en masse, between the White House and the Capitol Bldg. Like the Air Traffic Controlers who were able to block air traffic, a couple of hundred thousand of you should block street traffic in downtown Washington, D.C. Make it difficult for these so called legislators to get around town. I would be there my self, but I am 900 miles away from the Mall. Carry our banner for us!

  12. “Larry Says” is right…we need to stop acting like lemmings as we march toward RIF cliff- we need to get organized! The damage done to the DOD by furloughs, budget cuts, CRs won’t be evident until the next national crisis.

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