Former Office of Special Counsel Director Scott Bloch sentenced


It appears that the labyrinthine legal saga of Scott Bloch is over. Bloch, the former head of the government’s whistleblower protection office who once stood accused (incorrectly, he said) of retaliating against whistleblowers, was sentenced yesterday for having files erased from government computers, according to The Washington Post.

Bloch’s lawyer, William Sullivan, confirmed the terms of the sentence to FedLine today: Two years probation, a $5,000 fine, 200 hours community service, and–as a special condition of Bloch’s probation–one day in prison to be served at a facility in the Eastern District of Virginia. The Post has a succinct wrap-up of the case; for anyone wanting a somewhat more irreverent take on just how protracted the proceedings became, here’s a another FedLine post from two years ago.


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  1. Well said Richard!

    You betray the public’s trust (Breach your Fiduciary Duty, Obstruct Justice and DESTROY Evidence) – in defiance of your oath to the entire country.

    You get 1 day in jail (because you KNOW TOO MUCH).

    Mr. Bloch was given a chance (by me) to make amends;
    he has to now hope our case never wins

    or he WILL LOSE!

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