Planned CFC revamp to get congressional hearing


The proposed overhaul of the Combined Federal Campaign has gotten Congress’s attention.

Although a final date hasn’t been nailed down yet, the House Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee on the federal workforce is looking into holding a hearing late this month or in early July, Meaghan Cronin, a spokeswoman for the panel’s chairman, Rep. Blake Farenthold, R-Texas, said in an email. The purpose, she said, is “to better understand the impact” of what the Office of Personnel Management is proposing for the CFC. No witness list at this point.

Confirmation of the impending hearing comes five days after OPM closed the public comment period on the planned changes, but has yet to make any of the 767 comments received (that’s according to the website,, as of this afternoon) public or say exactly when it will do so.

In a statement released through a spokeswoman, Keith Willingham, who oversees the campaign at OPM, said today that the agency is reviewing the comments to redact“personally identifiable information” and will then post them as “soon as possible.” And in case you’re wondering, the spokeswoman confirms that OPM’s definition of personally identifiable information includes commenters’ names.



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