How are you helping your agency cut costs?


The sequester is here, and many federal employees are upset, frustrated and worried about the impact of severe budget cuts on their jobs and agencies.

Some employees are leading efforts to help their agencies cut costs and potentially lessen the impact of anticipated sharp budget cuts. It may mean using cheaper printing paper, parking in a less expensive garage or conducting more meetings via the Internet.

What are you or your colleagues doing to save money? Federal Times wants to hear from you. Please contact Nicole Johnson at or at 703-750.8145.


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  1. I am always making suggestions for cost savings and pointing out when purchases are wasteful. I am told that if it isn’t illegal, than I should keep my opinions to myself.

  2. There isn’t anything left to cut. Our organization long ago eliminated non-mission essential travel, for instance. We long ago went to cheaper paper and given the propensity in which the cheaper printers we bought jam when used with cheaper paper, I no longer even bother printing.
    We’re on base, so parking costs are N/A. Base CE has stopped all but safety of life building repairs. The parking lots are in dire need of resurfacing; however, that effort has also been cut.

  3. ALL agencies could have cut costs and avoided the sequestration debacle by learing the power of the word “No”. We drank from the well until it ran dry, and now we want to shut the barn door after the horses have long run out in the pasture.
    I have worked as a Federal employee for 17 years, and I have never seen waste and abuse at the level I have seen it in the last 3 years. If we had stop hiring our buddies, upgrading positions that did not deserve to be upgraded, and stopped spending money on everything “just because we had it”, we wouldn’t be in this mess.
    I have always used both sides of paper, recycled, used a bare minimum of office supplies, etc; now, that behavior seems laughable in the wake of the spending and waste I see on a daily basis. We don’t need budget help–we need to hold people accountable.

  4. When you have FSIS inspectors sitting around in an office 6 hrs a day and sending other inspectors to cover plants that can be covered by the ones sitting in some office doing nothing just because the union contract says they can be as lazy as they want to be no wonder we have no money.

  5. Cut commercial cable/TV and internet services in working areas and while we are at it we need to just get rid of the wireless cellular phone services employees can sit at their desk and make calls and if calls must be made while out of the office the majority of cellular phone users have unlimited talk/text and data plans. When units need to travel to other countries buy international plans while in country. Talk about savings millions of dollars if not more.

  6. will have to stop my ret and life insurance to pay for gas and food. whtat about aid to syira for thier kids shots and then turn around take food out of the mouth of a 38 year gov worker. I freak out when i hear the public bad mouth us now, i work my ass off in a clinic helping our sailors every day!!! It took me 18 years to get the pay i have now.

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