Military drawdown and your plans for the future


So another year brings more change for federal employees. In Europe the military draw down will include about 10,000 service members over the next year or so.

But the number of Defense Department civilians remain unclear, which leads me to ask. If you are a DoD civilian affected by this draw-down, what are your plans? Are you moving to a new assignment, or retiring if eligible? How are you planning on adapting to this?

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  1. Mr. Les Wimmer on

    For those who have worked at least 5 years of federal civil service, they qualify for a deferred annuity pension. It can be claimed at age 60 or 62 depending upon years worked. It is applied for through OPM. It applies to both FERS & CSRS. For years, I have always been shocked & saddened by both current & former feds who know nothing about the deferred annuity pension. Those who are too young, or have too few years, or both, need to study this pension. Ask a former fed if they know about it. You earned it!! Take it with you!!

    Mr. Les Wimmer
    Nellis Air Force Base Nevada

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