After critical audit, Washington-area CFC manager gets back more than $100K


The non-profit firm that runs the nation’s largest Combined Federal Campaign has recovered about one-third of the $308,000 it had to repay earlier this year after auditors questioned spending for such items as meals for loaned executives, flowers and a night out at a Washington Nationals baseball game.

Global Impact, which manages the National Capital Area CFC, had sought reimbursement for about $294,000 of that total; Office of Personnel Management Director John Berry agreed to return $$102,100 after reviewing additional documentation, according to an Aug. 14 letter released today at Federal Times’ request.

Among the expenses that Berry decided were in fact allowable: $15,859 incurred as part of a government-required renovation of CFC offices; $39,200 in audit expenses; and $1,400 in office kitchen supplies.  Those that he turned down included $11,315 for the Nationals tickets, $102,503 for meals and $77 for flowers for a CFC employee.

The audit by the OPM inspector general was released in March; Global Impact filed its appeal in May, Berry’s letter says.



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  1. Unless the high overhead costs are greatly reduced, I’d say it’s time to dispense with the CFC.
    I can give directly to many organizations listed in the CFC knowing all my money is going to charity, not just most of it.

    Dollars have to be spent more efficiently. People understand this. The government is being forced to understand this. It’s high time so-called charities learn this.

  2. I stopped giving to CFC many years ago when these allegations were made public! I pity the uniformed soldiers because if they operate like they did when I was active (75-89) senior leaders encouraged soldiers to participate. They didn’t order them… but any soldier who didn’t was scouffed and ridiculed… commanders would post billboards showing their drive efforts. Lower commanders were given incentives if they reached certain levels. ALL baloney at the cost of the lower ranking and lowered pay soldiers!

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