Postal Service again gets more time for reply to Northrop lawsuit


“The wheels of justice turn slowly, but grind exceedingly fine,” a proverb goes.

By that standard, it should come as no surprise that the U.S. Postal Service now has until Oct. 9 to respond to allegations in a $180 million lawsuit filed by contractor Northrop Grumman over the handling of a major automation project.

The suit was filed in early May, with the Postal Service’s response originally due two months later. But Federal Court Claims Judge George Miller later pushed back the deadline until Sept. 3 and—in a ruling this month—delayed it again to Oct. 9 following a motion from USPS attorneys that they still need more time.

While those lawyers are conferring with Postal Service employees and reviewing documents,  “scheduling issues and the limited availability of relevant USPS personnel have delayed progress toward filing a response,” Miller wrote in an order summarizing the mail carrier’s rationale for a second postponement. According to the Postal Service, Northrop Grumman did not object.



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  1. people in the po are nervous that when Romney gets in he will dismantle the po. Well after 31 yrs on the job as a craft employee and seeing how senior level eas’s screwing up the post office doesn’t need the republicans to destroy the post office management is doing a fine job.

  2. We had a big change at NWB near boston the post office wants to save money so my job was abolished along with a few 100 other people there. I use to have weekends off now I get the sunday diff and one n/s a week plus 2 hrs early. If I was in upper management I would be shaking in my shoes for if ever a private company were to take over the post office alot of you would be thrown to the streets.

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