Justice Department adds whistleblower watchdog


The Justice Department is adding a whistleblower ombudsman to its team to better support those who report wasteful government spending and mismanagement, agency officials announced Wednesday.

Robert Storch, counselor to the inspector general, will train and educate Justice Department employees about the role and importance of whistleblowers, as well as their legal rights and protections against retaliation, according to an agency news release.

Storch will ensure that whistleblower complaints are reviewed and addressed by the Justice Department inspector general’s office promptly, tell whistleblowers about the status and resolution of their complaints and monitor inspector general investigations of retaliation claims.

Storch will also work with other agencies with whistleblower responsibilities, such as the Office of Special Counsel, and non-governmental whistleblower advocacy groups.

Storch, who has worked with the Justice Department for 25 years, will act as the whistleblower ombudsman in addition to his duties as counselor to the inspector general. Before joining the IG’s office in July, Storch was deputy criminal chief in the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of New York.


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