VA fixes public listserve glitch


The Veterans Affairs Department has put an end to the headaches for people trying to unsubscribe from its public listerve.

A glitch in VA’s subscribers list setting allowed people to reply all to the entire list, VA said in an apologetic email to subscribers on Tuesday. If you’ve been trying to unsubscribe for the past few days, try this link.

Here’s VA’s explanation of the problem:

All List Serve Subscribers,

We have corrected a glitch in the settings for the subscriber list that allowed individuals to reply to the entire list.  We apologize for the confusion and the concern this error has caused for those of you on the subscriber list. 

 In the last few days, subscribers wishing to be removed from the list serve replied to the original message they received regarding news releases.  Unbeknownst to them, when they clicked on the reply button, the list serve address was entered in the “to” line of the message.  When they clicked on send, their message was sent to the entire subscriber list.  Subsequent replies often repeated the process.

 We have adjusted our process to preclude this from happening in the future.  This e-mail is being sent with the address in the “Bcc” line so replies will only be received at this address.  We have also asked our automation personnel to re-set the list serve setting to prevent a repeat of this error.

 If you wish to be removed from the subscriber list, please go to the VA website link below and follow the instructions. 

 Thank you for your patience and we apologize for the inconvenience.

 VA Public Affairs





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