Postmasters: What do you think of the buyout offer?


In connection with a story, Federal Times is interested in getting postmasters’ views on the $20,000 buyouts that the Postal Service is offering. Does this look like a good deal to you (or not)? Are you considering it and, if so, what factors are on your mind? If you’d like to discuss this, please shoot me (Sean Reilly) an email at and let me know how best to reach you or give me a call directly at 703-750-8684.

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  1. Faye Garrett on

    For those of us who were already thinking about retiring, it is a good deal. It would not be enough to make me go, if I weren’t going anyway.

  2. Postalworker on

    Well Faye, isn’t that true for anyone considering the offer??? As USPS cannot layoff most Union employees, its the only way to reduce the number of employees if USPS has an urgent need to do so, like now when the PO is facing Bankrupty or trying to cut the number of Post Offices with Postmasters! Maybe they could just layoff Postmasters?? Consider any Incentive offer a gift as normally most Postal Workers never receive or are ever offered an Incentive to leave or retire! Noone is making anyone go, as its simply a way to reduce costs faster when required or needed! Its not something designed to make you happy or for your past good work, as some seem to think!

  3. I’m sure the postmaster general is going to take this deal before he gets fired or he will make up his own multi-million dollar retirement package like Potter did.

  4. It’s the best they can expect to get. Hell, even if their not ready to retire or willing to take the “bait” demotion certainly aught to be a viable option in the PO’s handling of it’s HR personnel adjustment requirements to improve its operations. Personally, Im going down with the ship.

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