U.S. Postal Service releases processing plant closure list


Today brings bad news for thousands of U.S. Postal Service workers; just out is a list of more than 220 mail processing plants slated for closure or consolidation. Federal Times will have an updated story on its web site shortly, but in the meantime, here is a link to the list. According to USPS officials, the downsizing will eliminate about 30,000 career positions and 5,000 non-career jobs, with closings to start as early as May and to wrap up by next year.


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  1. It’s not bad news. Who ever said a job at the USPS would be for a lifetime?

    The U.S. government was not designed to be a persons whole sustenance throughout their lifetime.

    People can get a distorted view of reality watching the federal government grow, grow and grow. Or even watching Congressmen spend there whole careers in government.

    That’s how we got this $16 trillion deficit were trying to unload with this downsizing now.

  2. How long should a career with the government last Andre? One year, 5 years, 10 maybe? Who exactly designed the U.S. government policy stating that even if a person worked hard for 30 years, they shouldn’t be allowed a pension? Congressmen are elected officials Andre. If they don’t have the decency to conclude their service at an appropriate time, its up to their constituents to vote them out. Do you honestly think cutting 30,000 jobs from the USPS will take a bite out of that $16,000,000,000,000? More than likely we’ll put 30,000 taxpayers out of a job and on the welfare line. Then when mortgages default, we (the government) will have to suck up that cost. I don’t even work for the USPS, but when I see some pompous idiot come on here and spout nonsense like you, I have to defend the hardworking people who deliver our mail daily. Want to cut some significant money out of the deficit? Our defense budget currently equals the next 12 countries defense budgets combined. We currently have more generals and admirals than we’ve had since WWII. We operate more foreign bases than the rest of the world combined. Health care represents more than 10% of our cost of operations in every branch of the government. Distorted view of reality? I think you suffer from a distorted view of common sense brought on by a severe lack of knowledge.

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