Three awesome government jobs you have probably never heard of


#3 Job Title: Criminal Investigator

Agency: National Archives and Records Administration

The National Archives contains billions of documents and items that make up our nations cultural and political heritage. Presidential letters, military documents and even secret stuff regular folk like us cannot see (except perhaps Nicholas Cage). And sometimes people take documents from those archives and try to sell them.

The investigators comb the Internet, follow up on tips and travel to places such as Gettysburg, Pa., to look for documents, gather tips and educate traders at antique shows. Civil War documents are a ripe area for people trying to profit from government records, as there is high interest in items from that war.

Every so often, a news story about the team’s efforts bubbles to the surface, most recently when IG officers teamed with the U.S. Marshals Service and the Montgomery County, Md., police department in a raid on a former Archives employee’s home, seizing boxes of documents.

That’s right. Taking back those documents. So if you have ever watched “National Treasure” and thought to yourself, “I could definitely do a better job tracking down our nation’s documents, then this might be the career for you.

#2 Job Title:Bartender

Department:Department of the Army

So you have probably already heard of this job. But not for the Army, perhaps. According to the job title, the bartender “Operates a small full-service bar, mixing and serving the full range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.”

Sounds about right.

#1. Job Title:Biological Science Tech (Bison)

Agency:National Park Service

So there is nothing about this job I do not like. You travel across Yellowstone National Park (by ski, snowshoe or snowmobile) and use radio telemetry to locate buffalo/bison in rough terrain. You take notes about their locations and take biological samples for later study. You work in field laboratories and will assist in studying the vital statistics of individual bison.

And you will also have to watch out for grizzly bears. Seriously. Bears. (Here’s a full quote)

WORK ENVIRONMENT: This work is performed primarily outdoors, in cold conditions with ice and snow, with bison, elk, wolves, and coyotes very likely to be encountered, with a possibility of grizzly or black bears.

I can only imagine the job looks something like this…


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  1. Paul Brachfeld on

    As the Inspector General at the National Archives and Records Administration I am heartened to read that being a criminal investigator assigned to our Archival Recovery Team is defined as an “awesome” job in this article. Personally, I couldn’t agree more and I think not only is the job awesome but the people that fill these positions are awesome in their own right. I hope that the American public appreciates these dedicated employees and helps us to identify and recover “alienated” federal records. The public can reach the team and provide leads by calling 1-800-7862551 or going to and of course you can always find us on facebook.

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