Foreclosure crisis creating security clearance problems?


One of the unfortunate side effects of the foreclosure crisis is that it’s created adjudication problems for clearance holders or applicants who end up with a bad credit report through no real fault of their own, according to attorneys who specialize in these types of cases. If that’s happened to you, we’re interested in hearing your story. Please email Sean Reilly at Thanks very much!


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  1. I had moved from Massachusetts, where I owned a house, to the west. I tried selling the house when we moved but the market had already gone way down in MA. I tried a short-sale but the bank refused to go below 110k. The house is now valued at 80k. I then tried renting the house to pay for the mortgage, both tenants stopped paying and became squatters. I was still making the payments. I got divorced in 2007 which gained me child support payments in the amount of my mortgage payment. I still managed to make ends meet through deployments overseas where I did not have to pay for housing costs. I came back from my deployment and turned around to do a contract tour overseas that would cover my payments and a little more. When I came home I was in the midst of setting out on a higher paying contract opportunity when I was notified of a clearance issue.

    I was out of work for four months waiting for the clearance issue to be resolved, which caused me to fall behind on my mortgage payment. Once the clearance issue was resolved and determined to be an error, I was now four months delinquent on my payments.

    I tried obtaining a clearance job overseas to pay off my mortgage and all my other debts. I was rejected due to the foreclosure. Which seems silly to me and those that were trying to hire me. “You cannot work for us because you have a house in foreclosure, never-mind the fact than in your first month you can pay off the delinquency and it would not be an issue…”

    I even had one company call on my behalf to my mortgage lender to try and work out a deal with them where my first months pay would pay off the delinquency. The mortgage company refused to do it. It is no wonder the mortgage company has an “F” rating with the Better Business Bureau.

    So now I am wondering how screwed my clearance is going to be come time for renewal. Everyone says forget it if you have a foreclosure. All my other bills are paid and are current. My only problem is the foreclosure.


  2. Chuck
    Have you called your Congressman? With issues of government employment they’re usually helpful! Just a thought! Good luck!

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