Social Security payments will go out on time


Social Security payments scheduled for Wednesday will be disbursed on time, Social Security Administration Commissioner Michael Astrue announced Tuesday.

Up until late last week, it wasn’t clear if lawmakers would strike a deal to increase the debt limit, causing concern for recipients of Social Security and VA benefits who probably would not have received payments.

Payments set for Aug. 10, 17th and 24th will also go out on time.  

“I am happy to announce there will be no delay in the payment of August Social Security benefits,” said Astrue, “which should be a relief to those people who were concerned about their benefits.  I’m pleased the President and Congress were able to come together in a bipartisan fashion to avoid an interruption in payments.”




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  1. It would be nice if the morons in the House and Senate would rescend the earmarks originally attached to the budget when passed. Lets not upset the rich or the special interest groups they seem a bit more important than US economic downfall. Lets get rid of the notion our elected officials in government branches whatever they think of (detrimental or not) is ok. I speak specifically of the Social Security benefits not being paid?????????? Wow no ramifications in that decision.

    At a loss

  2. Lets not even think about all the Veterans that this country owes to as well as has a responsibilty to for their service and commitment in defending us. The rioting from SSI recipients is nothing compared to a military trained man on the warpath. Watch out Government, you may have your defenders going against you… If anyone high up reads this keep it in mind for future reference. I know its not happening now but it could come up again. 8/31/2011

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