SSA: We know nothing


The Social Security Administration doesn’t know whether the Social Security Administration will keep paying benefits if the government defaults on its debt. That, anyway, is what management is telling employees to say when asked by the public.

In newly posted instructions on the agency’s web side, employees are told to respond, “We’re sorry, but we don’t know,” when people inquire about the status of their Social Security or Supplemental Security Income checks should Congress fail to raise the federal debt ceiling.

Well, chances are they wouldn’t want to know anyway.


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  1. We should have our S.S. payments! If the congress cant figure it out in time or not! We all ready paid more than our fair share / baby-boomers/ Clinton took from us the surplus from S.S to balance the budget!!! Pay it back bow with Interest!!!

    Also, all the current and past living Reps and Senators should have their yearly Pensions, yearly income slashed !!!! Along with their privileged health care!! They to should be on Medicare too, just like the rest of us~ Like 20,000 a year, 1200 a month pension! Cut and dry! So, if they they were making 5 million a year, or have been making this kind of money before in the past years, It stops right now if us Baby Boomers do not get our fair share, not to mention the two cost of living raises we did not get, but our medicare premiums went up that we had to pay for!! The American people are not going to stand for this!!! This could lead to a Civil WAR~~ !!

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