Impact of Postal Service job cuts varies by organization


Lest anyone forget, today’s the last  day on the job for some U.S. Postal Service administrative employees who agreed to leave or retire early in return for a $20,000 buyout. It’s part of an organizational “redesign” aimed at cutting some 3,000 administrative positions, or almost 21 percent of the total.

But that overall number masks some pretty big differences in how the reductions are being apportioned among different USPS organizations.

At Federal Times’ request, the Postal Service provided a breakout of the impact on area offices, district offices and headquarters and HQ-related field units, such as the USPS accounting service center. The chart includes the initial number of positions, the projected level after the redesign takes effect and the difference between the two figures.  (Fed  Times has added the percentages.) Proportionately, the numbers show that area offices are taking the biggest hit, losing more than 27 percent of their posts. HQ and its field units get off much easier, with about a 16 percent reduction. District offices are in the middle.

Asked why  HQ and its field units are taking the smallest share of the cuts percentage-wise, spokesman Mark Saunders said “because our plans are to continue to identify opportunities to consolidate and centralize work into our centers.”

HEADQUARTERS & HQ FIELD UNITS 7,276 6,099 -1,177(-16.2%)
AREA ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICES 1,123 817 -306(-27.2%)
DISTRICT ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICES 5,791 4,347 -1,444(-24.9%)
TOTAL: 14,190 11,263 -2,927(-20.6%)

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  1. Cut 95% more of those administrative jobs. Way too top heavy in management, they don’t touch the mail. Just think of how profitable the USPS would be. We’d be in the black.

  2. So after this cut there will still be 1 person in admin for every 45 craft employees. Now add in all EAS and it is now 1 EAS for every 8 craft employees. All I hear is we have to many craft employees let get rid of more of them. If this place is to run like a business and when mentioned by upper management that it is a business then they need to cut more EAS to put us in line with all other businesses. Approx 1 EAS for every 20-25 workers. Doing this would save them atleast 2-3 Billion Dollars a year but hey who am I to say what these morons should do after all they make the big bucks to destroy this great institution and blame it on the Union!!!

  3. Benny Franklin on

    All the deadwood in management and they cut how much? I’ll give ya odds maybe half the number will be cut.

  4. I’m sure they will just put them into a closet somewhere so nobody can see them. but they’ll still keep their salary.

  5. Management will never do anything to harm itself, no doubt most of those who are leaving were either going to anyway, were verrry close to it or were positions which were already vacant and hadn’t been filled. This “cut” of management will have no bearing on anything except making another number look good to the right people.

  6. Kinda reminds me of the fornicating catholic priests, or school teachers that have sex with children, just move them around the system. Patrick Dullhoe has already appointed 98 czars. Does Osama bin Obama have that many? I’m glad I’m at the end of my career. How much foolishness have I seen in 31 years of federal service?

  7. In its retirement estimates, USPS does not estimate the amount of the annuity supplement, claiming they need data from Social Security. This claim is false, because the supplement relies 100% on FERS earnings, which are readily available. within the agency. FERS employees are being wrongfully this essential information about a benefit that is usually hundreds of dollars.
    Go to for other valuable calculators, including annuity.

  8. Mrs. Donahoe on

    The people at HQ are tripping over each other. Most are complete morons who make unilateral decisions without regard to policy or procedure. They need to clean house and let the last guy leaving turn the lights out.

  9. HQ and HQ field offices all have about 10 secretaries per manger, at least that is what the numbers look like…..

  10. Make note, they are eliminating positions, not personnel. Do thet mean to say HQ these R.I.F’d personnel are no longer on the USPS payroll? If so, show us names and dates of separation.I’ve seen and heard too many “R.I.F.’d” managers in details coming up with asinine ideas trying to justify their new “positions.”

  11. May I Please see one of these so called RIF notices. Another trick tactic by mgmt to get their ‘Bonus’, oooops, sorry, pfp raise!! The PO does have deadweight employees but becuz supervisors dont know how to do their jobs except to dicipline for long breaks they cant get rid of them bucuz the union grieves the violation that mgmt agreed to in negotations.

  12. If you are in good with the supervisor, you will get 60 hrs a week. Time after time overtime money is wasted but it’s actually small pennies compared to what they pay people in mgmt to make decisions sitting behind a desk making changes that arent necessary to pad their pfp raise!!

  13. If you think a 3.5% payraise for employees over 4 years is too much, figure out what a 5% pfp raise every year on a 100,000 job totals to in 4 years for mgmt.

  14. Okay…I’m EAS and I agree. Why so many area’s and district’s. Seriously? How about 4 areaa’s north east, south east, north west and southwest. Then for example in the Northeast you have from Ohio, New York , NJ, Conn, Mass, Del, RI,Vermont, NH,Maine. Thats 1 district. Then From below Ohio straight across through North Car. Wow.. 1 area and 2 districts. Do the same thing for the South east. and so on. We all meet through telecons anyway. What a joke.

  15. Steve Elmira on

    Where is the VER for the craft ?, the APWU President Cliff Benedict Arnold Goofey and PMG Mary Neddy and Kathleen Burns of Buffalo NY were in collusion, no VER and clerks sitting around doing cross word puzzles for the last 6 months and no end in sight!.

  16. and you sayed we will not cut anyone oh this is just on paper, this is not true look at all those supervisors and managers and adminstrators that dont even touch the mail oh my what do they all do whats your guess the same thing NOTHING.

  17. Steve Elmira on

    where is the transparency promised by the PMG Donahoe?, with the sellout by the APWU, and Obama supporting the 5 year high and upping employee cost for medical coverage and mandatory contributions to pensions, PMG is hoping to gut craft by discipline or making their lives hell so he can put the closet RIF managers into those positions, read the contract, it is a joke to management especially in Buffalo NY and the 149 and 148 area.

  18. 1 in 8 mangement employees include thousands of small office PM’s. they are going the way of the dinosour. With the new clerk contract, more cuts in “field” EAS is what is next for postal managment. Might also include consolidation of offices run by one PM administratively and the higher level clerk day to day.

  19. I am at ISC/JFK and believe me we have morons, and a bunch of clowns here at JFK. I have been a clerk for 33 years, and i feel sorry for the plant manager Mr. Conti. I think they should downgrade here like the way it was back in 1978. We have too many clerks and mail handlers and paying a very big rent to the Port Authority. Lets have a smaller office maybe off the airport or maybe keep building #197, for the inboundmail. They can process mail now at P @DC Brooklyn, and P @DC Flushing.

  20. Did you notice there was no mention to get rid of the redundant postal inspectors, and of course, the oig men, lovingly referred to as “office of inspector general” How many thousands of these keystone cops does the USPS need? Do we need another top inspector wining and dining a woman who is not his wife at a casino, all on USPS dime. How about the supervisors who go gambling on the clock, when is USPS going to get rid of them?

  21. Replying to Tony, I agree with you. With the new Clerk Contract we could certainly staff smaller offices with clerks and have a traveling PM to oversee them. My office is the receiving one in a DUO, but it keeps getting put off because our City Carriers just lost 5 routes and our RD’s will be losing 1 or 2 in the next month. Once we finish learning the new schemes in our office the smaller office’s carriers will be sent to ours and the existing office downgraded to a L 13. The Postal Service is definitely starting at the top this time for staff reductions.

  22. Did you notice the new contract has all level 21 offices converting ptf’s ? Yeah I bet all the RIF’s will get the newly negotiated clock ring jobs renegotiated to clerks. What a farce.The P.O. deserves to get taken over by receivership. Two more years of this whining and BS and finally President Perry will pull the plug. Oh he was at the 2007 Dildoberg Conference in Ottawa. He would have run in 2008 but we didn’t want another Texan Republican in the White House. So they gave us a pseudo American aka Kenyan to make us hate LIBERALS . Now we can get pretty boy bi-sexual Rick in office.

  23. You guys have no idea what goes on in management. You just rail on against nothing, makes no sense. They’re getting rid of positions and combining job duties at a much greater rate than craft employees. And what ignorant postal employee votes republican, all they want to do is do away with us.

  24. fordf100man67 on

    I live in the Mt Club in Morris Plains ,NJ. My Postman takes 8 hours 6 days a week to deliver the mail to 50 Mail Boxes. Some of the Mail Boxes are 2 and 3 right next to each other. He takes his Lunch from 11:30-12:30 everyday. Than he sits in his truck by the Dumpster from 230-330pm everyday. He finally leaves everyday by 6pm. No is he just stopped taking that much time for breaks we’d save 6 hours of overtime a week. Now thats just for starters. Every time he see’s someone he has to stop and talk to them. Thats min 10 min a person times 20 people. Do you see where I am going.
    When he has a sub postperson I get my mail at 1130am with him I get it at 335pm. If they just got rid of Postpeople like him The Post Office would be better off.

  25. What would be the matter with mon-wed-fri service only? Although the mail would move a bit slower, I really think we could survive with that type of schedule. This would enable the postal service to pay retiree benefits and pensions, plus streamline itself. Lets face it, money is running out and even the gov’t can’t afford to fund the USPS now. Its far better to cut hours than to have so many lay-offs and firings. People have bills and a family to feed. Some pay is better than no pay at all.
    —-James Speorl – Frederick, MD

  26. everybody is talking about lay-offs, firings, bonuses,ect; let’s let some of those folks that are thinking of hurting postal workers benefits and salaries to put that shoe on the other foot, then we will see how they like it.

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