Apple is a model for GSA customer service


The General Services Administration’s acquisition arm could learn a thing or two about customer service from Apple, Federal Acquisition Service Commissioner Steve Kempf said Tuesday at a training conference in San Diego.

Following a morning keynote by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak at the GSA Training Conference and Expo, Kempf noted the partnership between Wozniak and Steve Jobs that birthed the Apple revolution and a loyal customer base.

“At FAS, we want to have a partnership with industry partners and customers that’s like Apple” and its customers, Kempf said. “Think about the way people look at Apple products.”

Customers clamor for their products, and their products make life easier and better, he said. “GSA and FSA wants to become a lot like that.”

Kempf said this relationship model would apply to interactions with government customers, whether it’s leasing plug-in hybrid cars, providing cloud computing email or print managment services.


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