Possibility of shutdown met with applause


The Washington Post has a good look at the current budget negotiations.

But the most interesting part for federal workers probably comes quite deep into the story, when House Speaker John Boehner told members of his own party about the possibility of a shut down (emphasis mine).

House Republicans huddled late Monday and, according to a GOP aide, gave the speaker an ovation when he informed them that he was advising the House Administration Committee to begin preparing for a possible shutdown.

That is probably not the best sign.


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  1. I dont care which party is responsible. I do know that the Senate wants to spend money the country doesn’t have. To me it’s like your spouse continually makes purchases on your credit card that you cannot affort and no matter what you say it doesn’t stop. Yes – the Democrats are the irresposnsible party.

  2. Amos Davis Jr on

    Americans in both the public and private sectors are beginning to see the promise that they voted for; I must say it will not be pretty.

    Public sectors workers at all levels (city; county; state; and federal) have much to fear from the current leadership in Congress. It seems that the majority in Congress are in “lock-step” with big business and their deep pockets of cash. Of course they contend that the majority of feeral workers make more money than the workers in the private sector.

    All I have to say is wait for the next election cycle, so we can “right the ship,” so she can again sail in a balanced fashion for most Americans.

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