BRAC style federal property council?


President Obama will reveal a plan March 2 to accelerate the sale of federal property by forming an independent board that would recommend ways to dispose of unneeded federal buildings.

According to an administration official, the board would be a mix of public and private sector representatives and could save the government $15 billion in its first three years.

The official said it was an attempt to remove “red tape and politics” from the process.




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  1. Based on the record of previous BRACs, this idea could lead to significant savings eventually. However, the costs of implementing its recommendations initially could be significant and some of its recommendations will prove to have been counter-productive.

  2. It seems like a better idea might be to move those of us feds who work in leased buildings (like me) into some of these empty or near-empty buildings ASAP, and detail some of those federal employees who are about to lose their jobs into those “commission” positions instead of creating a whole new (yet another!!) panel. That way you say jobs AND millions of dollars. Fed employees are detailed all the time, like it or not. I would rather learn how to be on that commission doing these investigations than be standing in the unemployment line.

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