Hey! Stamps cost money: Federal Register subscriptions targeted


A while back President Obama launched the SAVE initiative, which asked federal employees to identify ways to save money and increase government efficiency. The award winning suggestion was that agencies cancel their Federal Register subscriptions and read them online.

Well, now its in the budget.

In 2010, there were more than 4,700 subscriptions across the entire Federal Government. Based on Government Printing Office estimates, this proposed reduction would save taxpayers up to $4 million in postage and printing costs.

In order to get the $4 million in savings, each federal agency and the individual offices within the legislative branch (Think members of Congress) would have to call and cancel their subscriptions individually.

Of course, $4 million in postage is still money not being cut from programs and workforce.

Do you have a subscription to the Federal Register? Should people cancel theirs or not?


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