We need money for that thing we do … Right, government!


The Navy procurement office has apparently lost its will to solicit.

It’s an honest enough mistake but couldn’t have been better timed. In the midst of debate over how to pursue spending for the rest of this year — and days before President Obama’s 2012 budget recommendations — the Navy released this solicitation for, you know, stuff.

Clearly, somone accidentally posted a template instead of the proper announcement.  Still, despite the inevitable frustration of meeting the contract requirements for whatever it is, we already have some takers! One reader of Wired’s Danger Room, where the post was first brought to light, has offered up a canoe, “guaranteed to be stealthy,” for less than $2 million each.

The “Recovery” logo up there means that whatever it is would be part of President’s stimulus package. So let’s hope whatever it ends up being lives up to their mission of winning wars, deterring aggression and a bunch of other important things.


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