Democrats warn against a shut down



In response to the press conference,  Sen. McConnell’s office released this statement: The only people talking about shutting down the government are a handful of Senate Democrats at a press conference today. (Thursday, February 3, 2011)

Don Stewart, Communications Director for the Senate Republican Leader: As Republicans focus on constructive ways for the two parties to work together on cutting spending and debt, Senator Schumer seems strangely preoccupied with the notion of a government shutdown. It is our hope that he soon realizes the only person talking about a shutdown is Senator Schumer. Most Americans and even many in his own party have come to realize that the gravity of our current fiscal problems calls for constructive dialogue that will lead to serious cuts in spending and debt. That’s what Republicans are focused on. We hope Senator Schumer joins that bipartisan effort soon.

For further details check out Sean Reilly’s story here.


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  1. Why don’t the government have a hiring freeze in place for all agency instead of back filling those positions of the retirees, Stop filling the job on USAJobs. Overhead is always the first start to cut in a budget to get results. Most Agency are hiring GS14’s and up where you can hire five GS-5 with career potential to that GS14 in this way overtime that much money will be spent. Now with applicant being streamline government Employers are bring in thier friends as GS-14 the other way may have been a drawn out process at least it was a fair chance for everyone. I’m against shutdown of the Government this want save a dollar but cause an impact through the economy. I for one will not be paying daycare for services they will not be performing during this time. Reagan did this in the 80’s areas was like a desert in the market places. I was in Augusta GA nothing was moving market wise in the Mall, we barely got any hours to work because no one was spending.

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