Union: Postal Service drops subcontracting proposal


The U.S. Postal Service has shelved a proposal that “would have expanded its ability to subcontract rural routes to contract delivery service,” according to an announcement this week by the National Rural Letters Carriers’ Association. The decision “came after extensive discussions” between the NRLCA and Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe, as well as other postal officials, according to the release on the union’s web site.

“We have tabled the issue while we are in the process of resolving a labor contract,” Postal Service spokesman Mark Saunders said via email, when asked for confirmation of the union’s claim.

Although Donahoe recently acknowledged that more subcontracting was an option, the exact contours of what the Postal Service wanted to do remain unclear. Neither the agency nor the union would release the written proposal, although the NRLCA was predictably concerned about the possible impact on its members.

The union, which represents about 115,000 career and non-career postal workers, is still talking to the Postal Service about a new contract, according to participants on both sides, despite an impasse declared more than two months ago.

Also in contract negotiations is the American Postal Workers Union. “I know that many of our members are eager to hear details about our exchanges,” APWU President Cliff Guffey said in a release today that described progress as slow. “Unfortunately, while talks are ongoing, it is not feasible to elaborate on specifics.”


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  1. Guffey is the perfect tool for the USPS. The OIG has already ID’d the origin of USPS financial problems. Not labor & not the drop in first class mail. The USPS fails because it’s run by janitors & laborers. PMG Dail-a-hoe is just another example of this INBRED MANAGEMENT (lifer who was hired as a clerk). Why would you expect a $70-$80 billion business to be profitable when you let the patients run the asylum? Shut down 10% of our system to save money! Yes, MORON PAT. You are loosing money at small market sector. You also face ZERO competition there. You want to create a business model that lets UPS/FedEx compete on equal footing. Then UPS/FedEx will go to Congress & they will strip you of tax-exempt status (fair competition) & you will have to auction off whatever is left of USPS physical resources. This is a reason no one hires away managers from USPS. Gas pump operators that are put in charge of EXXON.

  2. Postal management SDO,MDO and Postmasters should have been cut.You got 4 people doing the same job.They are stealing and sexual harassment getting away with it.Hiding behind their titles then the plant managers right hand men.Its a shame!!No wonder post office losing money and respect of customers.Don’t forget they just throw away money on unnecessary ov ertime.Work while you are there.Not on overtime!!

  3. Post Office has step by step put really bad managers in place its sad .its a great rewarding job to take care of the mail and get it daily to customers and most do really apprciate us (the customers) but managment has let is slip and slide to embarrising!

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