Survey finds most federal execs surpass IT security requirements


Most federal executives exceed agency security requirements when using laptops and other devices inside the office but are less likely to do so while teleworking, according to a study released Tuesday by the Government Business Council.   

The survey of 232 executives, mostly in operations, found that 88 percent lock their computer screens when they’re away, and 77 percent only use secure network connections when at work. Outside the office, only 52 percent said they used these security measures.

Overall, 97 percent said their agencies require at least a password or some form of authentication when accessing work on an agency-issued or personal device. This includes a user-chosen password or a strong password.

Other findings include:

– Of the feds who telework, 80 percent are not concerned about theft or damage of their agency devices.

– 31 percent of executives who telework said insufficient technology is the main obstacle to working outside the office. A preference for face-to-face interaction is also a major factor.

– 86 percent of teleworkers think security measures prevent them from accessing information at least some of the time.

– 23 percent strongly agree that their agency should not improve IT security.


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