ACUS publishes first recommendation


Policy wonks, rejoice: The recently reborn Administrative Conference of the United States, or ACUS, is officially out with its first recommendation.

The non-binding proposal, published in today’s Federal Register, was adopted by the conference in a plenary session last month and is aimed at improving agencies’ handling of rulemakings that could preempt state laws. It was the only recommendation approved during the two-day session, an ACUS spokeswoman said.

First authorized in 1964, ACUS is an independent agency charged with promoting improvements in the efficiency, adequate and fairness of federal regulatory and grant programs, according to its founding statute, and compiled a distinguished track record over the years. To the dismay of public policy experts, however, it fell prey to budget cuts in 1995. With Congress’ backing, the agency has been resuscitated by the Obama administration in the last year or so.


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