DHS Secretary now showing at a WalMart near you


Since last week Department of Homeland Security Security Janet Napolitano has been appearing at WalMarts across the country.

Napolitano will appear on screens near the checkout counter at 588 WalMarts in 27 states as part of a national “If You See Something, Say Something” campaign.

Napolitano will appear in a 44-second clip asking patrons to report suspicious activity in the store and parking lot.

Napolitano will not be asking if you prefer paper or plastic.

A $13 million grant program for transit safety administered by DHS to the New York Metropolitan Transit Authority in 2002 was the catalyst for the original program in 2002.

And if you can’t wait long enough to get to your nearest WalMart in anticipation, here is the clip for you.


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  1. Socialist propaganda. Where are we communist russia where citizens spy, snitch and turn in their fellow citizens. Time to boycott Walmart.

    Btw, when do the scanners and TSA get there?

  2. Just like Nazi germany. Citizen spy program. Dhs hs no business in walmart and Janet napoleon has no business in walmart. i wont be shopping at walmart anymore, plenty of other and better places.

  3. Elizabeth Conley on

    As a result of a several decades long publicity campaign to convince citizens to report their suspicions of child abuse, children have been systematically abused by the government and every member of families where abuse is suspected has been ruthlessly stripped of their civil rights.


    CPS has been able to get away with their unconstitutional practices because their “cause” was deemed so important, and because they weren’t technically “law officers.”

    The fact that they had more power than real law officers was ignored, and the evil they did was profound. The courts are just beginning to pull the reigns in on these dangerous government agencies.

    Note that the TSA, (Which is part of the DHS) is violating Americans’ rights using the same dodges CPS once was able to exploit. Janet Napolitano and John Pistole are practically gloating in their supposed cleverness with this dodge. We’ll see what the Judges think. Methinks the American judicial system has learned a thing or two since CPS pulled the wool over our collective eyes.

    The DHS is using the same style of paranoia and media induced insanity to get Americans to turn on each other again. They will use the same strategies they’re using with the TSA to deny the accused citizens their civil rights.

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