HP ranks Pelosi top Twitter influencer in Congress


If you’re an advanced Tweeter, you’ve probably started the purging process and are now updating your account(s) to reflect changes in the House and Senate.

If not, maybe this will help you get started. Or there’s always the unofficial list for the 112th Congress to make sure you don’t leave anyone out.

Researchers at HP Labs have narrowed the list down to the 100 most influential members of Congress on Twitter based on an analysis of 22 million tweets. They developed an algorithm to identify “influential users,” who “not only catch the attention of their followers” but “also overcome their followers’ predisposition to remain passive,” Ethan Bauley, digital lead for HP Corporate Communications team, wrote in a blog post.

Basically, having a cadre of followers wasn’t enough to make the cut.

Here’s the top 10:

1. Nancy Pelosi (@nancypelosi); D-Calif.; 15,964 followers (Here is the official account @SpeakerPelosi)

2. Paul Ryan (@reppaulryan); R-Wis.; 21,378 followers

3. Michele Bachmann (@michelebachmann); R-Minn.; 22,967 followers

4. Thomas Allen Coburn (@tomcoburn); R-Okla.; 17,631 followers

5. Bill Nelson (@senbillnelson); D-Fla.; 12,503 followers

6. John Boehner (@gopleader); R-Ohio; 48,604 followers

7. John McCain (@senjohnmccain); R-Ariz.; 1,718,288 followers

8. Joe Barton (@repjoebarton); R-Texas; 4,091 followers

9. Sherrod Brown (@sensherrodbrown); D-Ohio; 4,947 followers

10. Mike Pence (@repmikepence); R-Ind.; 13,631 followers


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