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The American Council for Technology and the Industry Advisory Council (ACT-IAC) opened their nominations for its 2011 Exellence.gov awards for outstanding government IT programs. Some of the categories include apps as well. So if youir agency has a mobile application that you think is the bee’s knees, then submit it.

Nominees are accepted through Dec. 10, 2010. Categories include:

1.    Excellence in Enhancing the Customer Experience – Programs that create a customer-centric culture that emphasizes continuous improvements to delight citizens and businesses that  interact with the government organization.  Examples: a service that permits on-line, 24/7 processing of applications; making it easier for customers to reach the right person in the agency and get a correct answer.

2.    Excellence and Innovation in the use of Social Media – Programs that use new social media to achieve the agency’s mission or better serve a particular constituency.  Examples: use of new media to solicit public input on a regulatory or similar issue; creating a community of interest using social media.

3.    Excellence in Intergovernmental Collaboration – Programs that were designed and/or operated with close cooperation and coordination between different levels of government.  Examples: social service programs that are funded and overseen by the Federal government but implemented by state and/or local governments; emergency response programs that require cooperation between various governments.  (Note: intergovernmental programs may also be nominated for the other categories.)

4.    Excellence in Improving the Workforce – Programs that use technology to improve the quality of the government’s workforce or the working environment  for employees.  Examples: improved hiring processes; more efficient and effective training; telework programs.

5.    Excellence in Improving the Operations of Government – Programs that improve the internal operations of government organizations.  Examples: financial management systems; inventory systems; programs supporting the warfighter.

6.    Excellence in Going Green – Programs that use technology to protect the environment and enhance sustainability.  Examples: smart buildings; use of cloud computing and other new technologies.

For more information, go to the website at http://www.actgov.org/education/awards/exgov/2011/Pages/default.aspx


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