193 policies for securing DoD's networks


Good luck trying to decipher the Defense Department’s color-coded chart of policies it uses to “build, operate and secure” its networks.

The two-foot-long IA policy chart outlines 193 documents (including directives, strategies, policies, memos, regulations, strategies, white papers and instructions) that many information assurance professionals
“may not be aware of,” Noah Shachtman points out on his Danger Room blog.

Designed by the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Cyber Identity & Information Assurance, the chart is supposed to help these workers familiarize themselves with the policies that govern how they do their job. I guess the legend may be a good place to start, but even that could change as the chart is updated.

Here’s what the Information Assurance Technology Analysis Center said about the chart on its website:

“Because IA Policy development is a wide-ranging and ongoing process, we ask for input from all who download this chart, advising us of any policies that may have been overlooked, but should be included. In addition, we ask for any policy updates that may not be properly reflected on the IA Policy Chart or any suggestions to improve the chart.”


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