Interior announces largest solar project on public lands


The White House continues to push renewable energy projects during National Energy Awareness month this October.

The latest is from the Interior Department, which has announced what they call the largest solar energy project on public lands.

From Ken Salazar, Interior Secretary

The Tessera Solar Imperial Valley Solar Project and the Chevron Energy Solutions Lucerne Valley Solar Project will both be built in the California desert.  Together, the projects could produce up to 754 megawatts of renewable energy, power 226,000 – 566,000 American homes, and support almost 1,000 new jobs.

At the Department of the Interior, we have a special responsibility to help lead this effort.  As stewards of our nation’s public lands, we oversee deserts, plains, and oceans that can make significant contributions to our nation’s renewable energy portfolio.

This follows on the heels of the White House announcing that solar panels will be placed on the White House. For more on that, click here.


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