NTEU: Hiring freeze would backfire


The National Treasury Employees Union is the first union out of the gate responding to the GOP’s promise to freeze non-security federal hiring if they retake one or both houses of Congress. NTEU President Colleen Kelley just released a statement that said the freeze would “result in less effective, less efficient services being provided to the public.”

Even under a hiring freeze the work of the federal government would still have to be done, as the American public expects. But without sufficient staffing, federal agencies would be forced to turn to unaccountable and costly private contractors.

This would return our country to the policies of the previous administration which encouraged unaccountable contracting including the use of no-bid, sole source and cost plus agreements. The effort to move federal work out of the hands of federal employees resulted in higher costs to taxpayers, poor services and questionable transactions.

The Republicans’ proposal would not halt all hiring, however. A spokeswoman for Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, said that agencies under the freeze could hire to replace attrition, as long as there is no net increase in the size of the workforce.


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  1. They should give 8 hours work for 8 hours pay and there would not be any complaints. Over manned is the problem now. We need no more and should just leave it alone. Do not hire to be hiring.

  2. why are government employees demonized? I decided 22 years ago to work for the government. Good pay, good benefits, job security – yes. But I also do a job that benefits those in need. I work, 40 or more hours a week. I do my job. I am not charged with getting people to spend more than they can afford or harrassing them when they are on hard times and cant pay their bills. I help people in need. And I am proud of my job. And when someone calls I take the time and listen as they tell me how their life has fallen apart. I treat them with respect and I am honest with them. And sometimes, even when I deny them, they thank me. For listening. For treating them like a person. And I sleep well at night. I’m not rich. I am a worker. And I get paid. And I deserve every penny I make. And I think probably most government employees are just like me.

  3. Federal workers put in 8 hours of work for 8 hours of pay. The Federal workers on most part are hard working citizens.

    congress and Senate should respect all the hard work of Federal employees and provide the funds needed to operate smoothly. Its Congress and Senate that could use less time
    off and more work to pass budgets on timely manner.

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