Friday Fun part II: Keep fear alive!


Late-night comedy hosts/faux newsmen Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert last evening unveiled their plans to hold a “Rally to Restore Sanity/March to Keep Fear Alive.”

The event, to be held Oct. 30 on the National Mall, is partly a parody of the “Restoring Honor” rally Glenn Beck held in August. But Stewart is only half-joking when he calls for a million-moderate march to find solutions to the problems our nation faces, without demonizing those who may disagree with us. Or in his words, “take it down a notch for America.”

As his announcement made clear, shrill hysteria has become a bipartisan attribute over the last few years. Just look at how many people descended on this FedLine post — making Obama = Hitler comparisons, yelling about the Patriot Act, and calling the Census an unconstitutional scheme that leads to concentration camp imprisonments — to see how far the crazy has gotten.

And speaking as someone who covers the business of government day in and day out, “Got competence?” doesn’t sound like a bad rallying cry.




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