A 40-hour work week? Thats just for starters …


For many employees, the 40-hour work week has long since faded into obscurity.  According to a new online poll by Right Management, 76 percent of employees say the “almost always” work more than 40 hours a week.

While most of you are probably not shocked by this revelation, this poll helps confirm that employees are now expected to work longer to meet goals.

Results are broken out below for your reading pleasure.

Yes, almost always


Yes, several times a month


Yes, once or twice a month


Seldom, if ever


“The findings are extraordinary and no doubt reflect the pressures people are under in today’s workplace,” Douglas J. Matthews, president andCEO of Right Management said in a press release. “One has to wonder if this pace is sustainable, or even desirable. Companies run the risk of burning out their employees or causing unwanted turnover.”

Top level management reported at 87 percent that they almost always work 40 hours or more each week. Sales professionals clocked in at 86 percent, while 64 percent of engineers said they almost always work 40 hours or more each week.


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