launches today


Call it perfect timing.

Within days of my story about running in the paper, the Obama administration announced the site’s launch today. I’ve browsed, and it really is user-friendly.

Using the browse government challenge link, you can see the featured challenges, submission deadlines and the number of supporters.

Already, there are 36 challenges up for the public to view, and results are searchable by category or organization. You can even follow the website on Twitter.

Here’s a look at some of the newest challenges:

Game Day Challenge- Reduce waste at your college’s football games.

Reciepes for Healthy Kids: $12,000 in prizes to create nutritious lunch menues for kids.

Connecting Kids to Coverage: Enlist stakeholders in activities that will help enroll eligible children in Medicaid and CHIP.

“How Do I Become President” challenge: Create an infographic or a poster that explains the process.


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