BAE's robotic Taranis bomber has a mind of its own


The new motto of BAE just might be "By your command."

If you thought Hellfire-armed Predator drones were something, just wait until you see Taranis. This prototype unmanned stealth bomber, developed by BAE Systems for Britain’s Ministry of Defence, is said to be capable of operating autonomously and thinking for itself, as well as striking targets deep inside enemy airspace. It won’t ever go into service, but will allow BAE and Britain to test technologies for future aircraft.

BAE stresses that despite the computer programs allowing Taranis to think for itself, ground crews would be in control of it at all times. But isn’t that what they all say?

What’s really freaky is the autonomous, thinking, robotic stealth bomber’s single, glowing red eye. Is that REALLY necessary? If there’s one thing movies and shows like The Terminator, 2001 and Battlestar Galactica have taught us, its that killer robots with red eyes will eventually rise up and doom us all.


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