Robots! Cars! GSA!

A robot car in disguise

A robot car in disguise

What does GSA think it is, DARPA?

I just came across a recent blog post from GSA CIO Casey Coleman, in which she muses on the possibility of driverless robocars populating our highways. “Where is my radio controlled driverless robocar?” Coleman wonders, stuck somewhere in the hellish snarl of the Beltway.

If DoD can build a flying car, could robo-cars be far behind? And the more important question is, can we program our robot drivers to honk angrily and shout comical robotic obscenities when another robot driver cuts us off? I lived in Boston for several years and I know what an integral part of driving this is.

Another question: What’s more difficult, building a radio-controlled driverless robocar or figuring out a way to make sense of the FAR?

OK, that’s enough. If you need me, I’ll be patiently waiting for a robot car to pop up on the GSA schedules.


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