What's next for GSA?


Martha Johnson, administrator for the General Services Administration, spoke with reporters this afternoon at FOSE. She’s only been in the job for about two months and is learning where the agency should go. GSA is at a “crossroads,” she said, and can either stay the same or fight to grow. She thinks it should grow and improve communications and responsiveness with the needs of both agencies and companies who contract with GSA.

What’s in our hands and what I’ve got some real sense of is the whole notion of upping our performance, simply cleaning up and performing better for our clients, being more responsive, helping people find what they need more quickly and understanding of where they can get the best value for the right price. That’s where I’ll be spending my time.”

She also said she’d like to help expand telework across the federal government. During February’s East Coast Snowmageddon, 60 percent of GSA employees teleworked. She’d like to work more with the Office of Personnel Management to provide equipment and services for agencies looking to step up their telework offerings, she said.


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