"I work for the government and I am NOT the enemy"


Federal Times this week examines the growing concern in the ranks of federal employees over the rising anti-government rancor among many Americans. Some people say agencies need to better educate Americans on the many seen and unseen services the government performs to generate a better appreciation for all it does. Others say the animosity is the result of an increasingly bitter and polarizing national debate fanned by politicians and extreme partisans in the media. Still others say federal employees deserve criticism for being incapable of managing many programs that make effective and efficient use of taxpayer dollars.

What do you think? Do you think anti-fedism is on the rise? What if anything should be done about it?


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  1. federal employees are not the enemy. Childish outbursts about this topic from OPM’s Berry are not helping, nor is the new health care bill’s planned hiring of 16,000 IRS employees to enforce it.

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