Feds: Want a government-issued iPhone?


Most federal employees who have a work-issued smartphone have a BlackBerry. If you’re eligible to receive a work phone, do you want to trade your BlackBerry in for an iPhone but can’t because agencies don’t issue iPhones because of security concerns?

I’m writing a story about the iPhone and the government market, and I’d like to hear from federal employees who wish they could use an iPhone at work. Please e-mail me at rneal@federaltimes.com, and as always, we don’t publish any e-mails or information without first getting your permission.


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  1. I’d like to know when the government became so dependent on having a cell phone?
    Maybe we should find out how much cost goes into paying for a smart phone per user?
    How much of the use is really work related?

    Do we really want our national security put at risk, over cell phone usage?
    Are you aware of all the small programs that can easily run undetected in the back ground of a smart phone, including iphones.

    For a few hundred dollars I can monitor all your calls, texts, images and even turn on the video/camera and audio remotely and listen in.
    Not to mention, track your movement thru GPS/Cell towers.
    If you think I am being, paranoid here; I’m NOT… This is real and available to the general public.

    Do we really want national security depending on AT&T for our communications need, it’s bad enough having Verizon or Sprint.
    So much cost has been created over a phone/data that really isn’t necessary. SUPPORT THE POST OFFICE and BUY A STAMP!!!

  2. I want to know why we let a Canadian company like RIM have a monopoly in Gvt. communications.
    I thought monopolies were illegal.
    The NSA should certify other cell phones for Gvt. usage.

  3. Greg:

    As a Gvt. employee for the US Army, I have noticed the necessity of these devices, for the past 10 years or so. They are no longer a luxury, but a necessity. And we haven’t even reached its full potential. We are not that different than private industry. They are the ones who have proved their worth. The cost for Gvt. employee per year is not that much because we get group rates and discounts that the average civilian user doesn’t get. I depend on my Blackberry 100%. I could be at home or on business travel and I would never miss an important e-mail or phone call. And these smart phones are doing more than ever.

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