Banjos, Claymore mines and TSA love


danny-barnes-googlesI was listening to Sirius XM’s alt-country station last night and heard what is surely the only banjo-driven love song ever written about a Transportation Security Administration screener: “TSA” by Texas musician Danny Barnes.

In the live clip below, Barnes says that his banjo brings him a lot of scrutiny from TSA because, apparently, its body is about the right size to hide a Claymore mine. And all the quality time he spent with airport screeners inspired lyrics like “her hair in a bun/her hand on her gun/we made love with the radio on.”

Being both a federal government reporter and a pretty amateurish banjo player, I got a kick out of this song. But the line about his TSA sweetheart’s “good paycheck [helping]to seal the deal” is a dead giveaway that Mr. Barnes has never heard federal unions talk about the PASS system.


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